It’s been a while

Day -1/14

It’s been a while, but I need to get my head down and talk to myself about this weight loss process. I haven’t gained all my weight back or anything drastic, but I have reached an age where weight is harder and harder to keep off and/or lose. I’ve reached an age when bad things happen to people around me, when loss is more frequent and life seems a little precarious.

I suppose my response to that could be to give up and give in and buy elasticated waistbands. I’m not ready for that and maybe never will be. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I had to deal with my mom’s 28 pairs of elasticated waistband trousers hanging in three separate closets so, genetically, there’s a chance I will succumb.

I’m still healthy, despite weird stress-related autoimmune stuff plaguing me and my sanity. I can still run for a bus and not die, which is something. I walk up stairs faster than much younger people, but I don’t move nearly enough and am missing my endorphins. Instead, as per the usual, I find myself looking for them in the fridge. (They’re not there, but I experiment anyway.)

Did I mention the need to lose 10-15 pounds? It’s not a lot in the scheme of things. My doctor, bless her, sees so many obese middle aged women that she sees me as thin. I’m not – and the weight I carry is all around my middle which can’t be good even if it’s not catastrophic. What is catastrophic (hyperbole alert) is what my summer clothes currently look like with a spare tire always nudging it’s way outwards with an apparent life of its own.

I can still diet when I need to, but I’m supremely bored with the whole processĀ  so, to that end, I’ve been exploring the very low calorie, quick hit options and think I’ve landed on one that will suit me and the family.



Oh, I almost don’t want to say it.

I’m going to start. No – I’m going to DO two weeks of 800 calories a day, healthy carbs and fats. I’ve decide to generally follow the Blood Sugar Diet.

And, I’ve decided to write here once a day for myself, but with the knowledge that anyone can read it. Anyone. I’m turning comments off because I don’t really want discussion – just a place to be talking to myself and aware that others might be listening in. That’s so, just perhaps, I’ll choose wisdom over whining.

Whining on a diet is so easy.

I might even ressurect some of my 300-odd posts currently archived.

Till tomorrow.