BSD Day 3/14

No exercise today. I’ve got a skin condition that flares with sweat. Not nice, but sometimes (like yesterday) I just need to run for my mental health, so I suck it up, itch,  then do nothing the next day except stay cool and love my skin.

Funnily, “doing nothing” included walking a mile to drop something off at a friend’s house. In our post-car life, a casual mile walk doesn’t count as exercise, but at least that’s 70 calories I wouldn’t otherwise have burned.

Anything else of note on Day 3? I’m not particularly hungry, but I will be by supper time. Yesterday I asked the partner to come and shred the poached chicken because I knew I’d eat half of it before it got near a salad. I was happy to make the dressing.

Salad Dressing. I can’t believe I spent more than 20 years of my adult life buying salad dressing and being intimidated by people who made their own. I’m the perfect example of someone raised in the convenience food 60s and 70s by a working mother who hated to cook even when she did have the time. I was in my twenties before I realised spaghetti didn’t have to come out of can and in my forties before I worked out that olive oil, balsamic vinegar and some grainy mustard make poached chicken salad delicious and healthily filling.

What other things would I never have thought about before? Spices. Besides chili powder and cinnamon I didn’t really have spices. Well, I had them but I never ran out of them. Now I buy cumin in bags and go through them frequently. Chili flakes, fresh basil on the window sill, all sorts. Our spice cupboard is bursting.

Must clarify that I still hate cooking and have passed most of it on to the more responsible adult in the house. He likes cooking; I like eating. It works.

I thought I was going to talk about weiging today, but I found an old post about ‘Scale insanity’ which still says it all for me.