Week 1 Results – blood sugar diet

Keep in mind that, pounds-wise, I’m not very overweight. However, because all my fat is stored around my middle and my torso is very short, I know I have to lose a good 10 – 15 pounds. OK, 10 for health and another 5 for a combination of vanity and just to see if I can do it. (Aside: you should hear the regular debates I have with my hairdresser over whether it’s luckier to be born with the ‘skinny arms & legs’ gene or the ‘shapely waist’ gene. In my experience you can’t have both. )

So, Podge here needs to lose 10-15 pounds and I’m really really fed up with trying to do that slowly. Slow weight loss is a wonderful thing and I would encourage everyone to give it a go first. It educates you in what it feels like to eat for a healthy lifestyle rather than a diet – and that’s the reason I’m no longer on a 30lb lose/gain rollercoaster. However, I just got to a point where I was quitting too soon, making too many excuses to overeat, and simply not seeing the results I wanted. Above is the pattern you can see repeated in my life many times in past few years and I was so tired of the 150 – 157 bounce.

I’d heard about the low blood sugar diet and dismissed it as impossible for me until my ‘fed up’ levels overtook my ‘I can’t do that’ levels and I decided to gird my dieting loins and give it a go for two weeks.

Today was my official (rather than purely observational) scale moment and I’ve lost a total of just under 5 pounds. In one week. That’s three to four times faster than usual, the kind of weight loss I thought only very overweight people got. I always discount the first two pounds of any diet because they’re the ones that come back as soon as I eat a cracker, so I’ve lost 3 pounds. I’ve been walking or walk/running most days and trying to keep up the weight-bearing exercises so hoping that’s mostly fat. Bring on Week 2.

I found this post about  “slow dieting”, describing how I finally lost my nemesis 25 pounds many years ago and made peace with eating. I’ve kept off 15 of those permanently and am today only 5 pounds away from being there again, so I don’t want to discourage anyone from taking the slower road. It’s what got me to food/body sanity and that’s a very worthwhile destination.