I was thinking yesterday that dieting/weight loss/food&body sanity are almost a hobby for me. I have an ‘expert layperson’s’ interest in the process, the changing research and the social climate around these subjects.

I thought I knew a lot, so have been surprised by a couple of things on this blood sugar diet. First, I’m able to exercise and feel good on very few calories. I don’t recall this before. I’m not sure if it’s the uber healthy make-up of the diet, my different stage of life, or just that I was talking myself out of exercising during previous attempts at lower calorie dieting.

I’m also surprised that I don’t crave alcohol. It’s hard to explain but, essentially, when I think about a drink, I don’t get that buzz of anticipation. I know that sounds like an alcoholic speaking but this change in diet has made a huge difference. Very interesting.  (I’ve had less than 3 units of alcohol in 2 weeks. My liver is overwhelmed with gratitude.)

Finally, and this is more my age than the diet, I think I will have to weigh less than at previous ages to achieve the same size – or at least it seems that the scale is ahead of the measuring tape this time when it’s usually been the other way around. Of course, that may be my own body image perception problem and not a problem rooted in fact.

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