Last few pounds – Week 3 BSD

I haven’t weighed this little since 2012 and I’m trying to get my head around how to lose the last 5 to 7 lbs and how to keep them off. They aren’t the “last” for any good reason. My body doesn’t know they’re the “last”. I could lose 20 pounds and still weigh more than I have in the past.  I could lose 30 pounds and still have a ‘healthy’ (though not healthy for me) BMI. I’ve chosen the arbitrary goal weight because that’s where I think I might find a healthier waist measurement – not because I have some dream of getting to where I used to be.

That’s a major bonus of being in my late 50s; I’ve drawn a line under wishing for something I had when I was younger – not just physically, but in all sorts of ways. This age is about looking forward, being positive, taking opportunities and doing my best to live in good health if I’m blessed with a long life.

Of course, there’s also curiosity. What will I look like slimmer than I’ve been in many years? If my face starts to wrinkle in any alarming way, I’ll definitely stop. If my clothes start to be too loose, I’ll stop because I can’t afford a new wardrobe. If the weight comes off the wrong areas and not the right ones, I’ll also stop and reassess whether it’s a change in exercise I need, not fewer calories.

So my “goal weight” is a combination of health, vanity and practicality; the number is flexible. I really needed the quick loss and recalibrating my food and exercise that the very low calorie approach has given me, but I’m going to ease up, add back some calories to normal losing levels of a pound per week.

This post from 2011 still resonates with me for thinking about life beyond reaching a goal. The long-term plan is in many ways more important than the weight loss journey itself and it’s not just about calories consumed and exercise.