Blood Sugar Diet – Day 6/14

Been thinking about why it’s easier for me to stick to 800 calories a day than 1400 calories a day. Even on my challenging tired day, I only ate 1000 calories. I think the answer is two-fold.

  • My normal ‘sensible’ approach to losing weight involves 1400 calories of food and 200 calories worth of exercise. There’s no doubt it works if I stick to it, but it’s rare that I stick to it for more than three weeks and even then I don’t really stick to the 1400 calories, especially on weekends. It seems to set me up for ‘just a little treat’ and we all know where that leads.

When I’ve only got 800 calories, I know that means real sacfice for a bit. There’s no wiggle room for adding  poor quality calories if I also want to have energy. I guess what I’m saying is that I need an options-free method of weightloss. There’s lots of variety but it’s nothing that I’m prone to overeating and it’s good quality so fills me up.

  • There’s also the bonus of seeing weight come down almost every day and being able to say, ‘only 2 weeks’ when I think it’s getting hard. I’m almost half-way there and am on track to losing more in a week than I’d usually lose in three.  So it’s the addition of the motivational loss, but also a lack of boredom. I just know it’s not going to go on forever before I have a noticeable loss. I’m fascinated to know how long it will take to lose 10 pounds and that’s motivating too.

I’ll let you know tomorrow if that kind of confidence was the kiss of death.

I know; that’s entirely up to  me.

In the meantime, we’re having a tuna and blackbean salad with toasted almonds and mayonaise(ish) dressing.

Here’s a good example of previous good dieting intentions doomed to fail.


BSD Day 2/14 – stuff I know

Been reading many threads of the BSD website forum.

As always, I find myself being inspired, informed, wary, afraid and downright judgemental. (Forgive me)

It also made me reflect on how all my work, research and reflection on the weight loss process has changed my habits and thus, to a certain degree, my life.

For instance – junk food. I know without any doubt whatsoever that anyone who loves junk food and wants to lose weight needs to get all that junk food out of the house. Seriously – nothing tempting in the cupboards during the weight loss phase and maybe even forever. It sounds so harsh but it’s very much cruel to be kind advice.

Your partner likes chocolate? I tell mine to go buy all the chocolate he’s craving and eat it on the way home from the store.

Kids like crisps (potato chips)? Limit them to weekends only – everything eaten and out of the house by Sunday suppertime. They shouldn’t be eating them every day anyway. If they’re old enough to buy their own, apply the partner’s chocolate rule.

I wasn’t expecting to rant, but CHANGE requires CHANGE. I’m largely shouting that to myself. For me it’s alcohol. Even then, I wanted to type ‘wine’ as though a gin and tonic would be ok today if I really wanted it.

I won’t make promises for the future, but during these first two weeks alcohol isn’t going to be in my life. My choice is have a drink or lose weight.

For two weeks.

If I can’t achieve that then I have a bigger problem than a spare tire around my middle.

Here’s an alcohol related post from the archives: Alcohol and the Middle Aged Woman